With the help of seasoned punters and forecasters and a little bit of collated results from past matches, we at kolinbet carefully analyses the world of football to give you favourable results with up to 90% accuracy. We are here to serve you and as such we do not want you to lose your hard-earned money by predicting unsure games based on luck or pure intuition, so to serve you to the best of our abilities we have the brains and minds of good analyst with years of experience in our chosen sport of football to help with an outcome that keeps you smiling all day long.

ALSO, our premium customers receive daily processed and analysed football matches at their disposal, with this the customers can choose from the wide range of analysed odds and then place their bets either on multiple bets or singles whichever you desire, with the sole aim of increasing your chances of winning regardless of the customer’s bookmaker choice, this also helps you make good predictions without having to go through stress and as such saves both time and energy and hopefully ends in massive cashouts and massive funds

WE, at kolinbet love to carry our esteemed customers along with our project and as such our customers get the luxury of getting a detailed explanation on why a particular pick was made, which most times depends on the current form of the squad, their injured players, fatigue and many more options. This, in turn, helps the customer evaluates the risk and then they can choose out of numerous options and pick the ones they feel are of lower risk, with this feature they can increase their monetary value on different bookmakers.

KOLINBET deals with top leagues and tournaments and major football leagues across the globe since they attract a lot of media coverage, there’s little or no room for match-fixing, bribery and other forms of corruption attached to the sporting field, teams with low or no media attention are easily rigged and fixed, this fuels our distrust for such leagues because there’s no way proper analysis can be made which most times leads to a losing spree which would be detrimental to our valued customers and us as a part of an embodiment in the world of match prediction.